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Survey data could woo new businesses to town

September 7, 2011

Photo of a "Welcome to DeKalb: Huskie Country" road sign The City of DeKalb is encouraging members of the community, including all NIU students and employees, to participate in an online survey to help determine what new businesses would most appeal to them as consumers.

Part of a marketing strategy to attract new commerce to the area, the results of the survey will influence the city’s strategies moving forward.

“We believe the results will help us with all the city’s commercial development plans and marketing,” said Roger Hopkins, an economic development consultant for the city.

Jennifer Diedrich, DeKalb’s economic development coordinator, said it’s important to show potential retailers that the community welcomes the idea of new businesses.

“The survey’s results will strengthen the city’s demographic profile when targeting specific retailers and restaurants by showing that their customers live and shop in the DeKalb area,” Diedrich said. “The City of DeKalb encourages all members of the community to participate in the City’s efforts to attract the dining and shopping destinations they desire.”

Hopkins said student participation will be beneficial to determine what establishments should be closer to the NIU campus.

“We are hoping for separate student participation so that we can target their desires more specifically to the campus and nearby apartment and commercial areas,” Hopkins said.

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