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Verizon Wireless Enhancement benefits NIU

August 29, 2011

Verizon Wireless logoInformation Technology Services and Verizon Wireless worked together over the summer to meet the growing demand for cellular voice and data communications by faculty and students.

As wireless devices are being used for Internet browsing, social networking, email, text and photo/video messaging, plus downloading a host of available apps, adequate and available network capacity and coverage is required. ITS initiated the process to improve building coverage and increase capacity for customers’ communications and safety needs.

“Since Verizon Wireless turned up their new cellular nodes on campus, signal strength improved so much we can now receive calls in areas of the building we never could before,” said Mark Misic, director of Technology Resources and Facilities Management in the NIU College of Business.

ITS engaged NextG Networks to create a distributed antenna system using existing NIU fiber and small Verizon Wireless antennas to eliminate the need for large towers. ITS, in collaboration with NIU Finance and Facilities, enabled Verizon Wireless equipment to be installed.

The first round of antennas came online the week before classes started. ITS will continue working with Verizon Wireless to bring coverage enhancements to the campus to meet wireless communication needs.