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‘Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends’

August 24, 2011

Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends.Who’s up for a game of tag? Facebook tag, that is.

NIU’s social media team is encouraging everyone on campus who’s captured by the cameras of NIU photographers to find their pictures on the NIU Facebook page and tag them.

And, should they happen to spot any faces of their friends while they’re visiting, they should tag those as well.

The new initiative is called “Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends.”

“TYTYF is a great way to get to know other NIU students who have similar interests and a quick and simple step to become part of the NIU community,” said Holly Nicholson, NIU’s social media specialist. “Plus, they can show family and friends at home and at other schools what they’re doing here at NIU.”

Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends.

Hey, these guys tagged themselves!

“NIU students should check out the university’s Facebook page and take a look at the hundreds of photos our NIU photographers took throughout Move-In and Welcome Days activities,” added Kathy Buettner, vice president for the Division of University Relations. “Many new and returning Huskies are featured in the photos, and our university photographers did an outstanding job capturing the excitement of the beginning of a new school year.”

Photographers from NIU Media Services frequently fan out across campus and the community to document events, from many of the Welcome Days activities to intramural sports to students who find quiet study spots under the shade of trees.

They will hand out “Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends” cards to those students who are photographed as a way to direct them to NIU’s Facebook page.

Students can find their pictures by clicking on “Photos” under NIU’s profile image and choosing the appropriate photo album.

Tag Yourself. Tag Your Friends.Once they glimpse a shot of themselves and/or their friends, they can click “Tag this photo,” click the section the photo they want to tag and then type the name of the person they’re tagging.

The photos then will show up on their own Facebook profile (or the profiles of any friends they tagged), where all of their Facebook friends can see them.

“These are professional photos of our students having fun,” Nicholson said. “If students like the photos, they can make these photos their personal profile pictures.”