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Switchfoot, Anberlin coming to Convo Center

August 16, 2011


Switchfoot is set to bring its rock ’n’ roll family to the NIU Convocation Center at 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 2. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Special guest Anberlin will open the show.

Tickets are $20 for upper bowl and $30 for lower bowl and floor tickets. All tickets are general admission within the designated price level.

Tickets are available at all Ticketmaster outlets,, by phone at 800-745-3000 or at the NIU Convocation Center Box Office. The box office is located at 1525 W. Lincoln Hwy. in DeKalb.

Formed in 1996 in San Diego, the band members were all friends from their days together at high school.

“We love music and playing together,” drummer Chad Butler says. “We thrive on the communal aspect of song and the stories that are invested within. We’ve been through a lot together … incredible, wonderful moments and also really destructive, painful moments. You can feel that weight in some of the songs. It’s an incredible dream-come-true to say, ‘It’s time for a new Switchfoot record’ and to be able to go into the studio and make the album exactly how we want to make it.”

When Switchfoot released “Hello Hurricane” in 2009, it symbolized a rebirth of sorts. After a good run with Columbia Records, the band self-financed the building of its own studio and the recording of the album and released it on lowercase people via Atlantic Records.

If 2009’s “Hello Hurricane” suggested a new chapter in the musical book that is Switchfoot, consider “Vice Verses” to be a sequel of sorts.

Singer-guitarist Jon Foreman says the album is “a brand new chapter, but would not exist without “Hello Hurricane” and refers to it as a “surgical procedure where everything is clean-cut.” Like Hello Hurricane, it was recorded at the band’s own studio, where the comfort level is now much higher since the guys have been able to work out all of the space’s kinks.

“The making of ‘Hello Hurricane’ was really difficult for us,” Butler says. “We were on a journey where we didn’t know what the destination was. This time was much easier, and I attribute that to knowing exactly what the songs were that we were going to work on, and knowing that we were going to emphasize the rhythm section. That put us in a position of strength this time. The process of recording was more enjoyable and much more focused.”

“This is the second record we’ve made in our studio space, and it’s amazing how we felt completely at home,” Foreman adds. “It allowed us to focus and take chances.”

With its play on words, “Vice Verses,” the title of Switchfoot’s newest album, coherently suggests the album’s theme: Everything has two sides. “Every blessing comes with a set of curses,” Foreman sings on the title track, all the while wondering if “there’s a meaning to it all.”

That theme runs through the album’s 12 songs and is even reflected in the album’s black and white cover.

“The whole thing is about polarity,” Foreman says. “We wanted to write about the polarity of what it means to be human, the lights and darks. I’m always intrigued by the tension that exists between life and death. When making ‘Hello Hurricane,’ there was a graveyard right by the hotel we were staying at while we were mixing it, and I spent a little bit of time there each morning walking through and sorting it out … really ‘Vice Verses’ started there. This record is as much about loss as it is about what we still have while we’re living.”

For more information on the Oct. 2 show, call (815) 752-6800.