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Engineering’s Alan Swiglo named 2011 fellow of ASM International for work in gear metallurgy

August 10, 2011
Alan Swiglo

Alan Swiglo

Alan Swiglo, associate director of manufacturing processes research for the NIU College of Engineering & Engineering Technology, will receive the 2011 Fellow Award from ASM International (formerly American Society of Metals) Oct. 18.

This lifetime achievement and service award to his profession highlights Swiglo’s seminal and proprietary advancements throughout his four decades of service in gear metallurgy and heat treatment and the cost effective application of surface enhancement techniques.

Swiglo’s distinguished contributions to the fields of materials science and engineering have earned him many accolades over the years, but becoming a fellow is perhaps Swiglo’s greatest professional accomplishment. The ASM International Fellow award is only given to 30 engineers each year, out of more than 35,000 members.

“Once I found out I was nominated by my peers, I needed to fulfill a lengthy application process, highlighting my performance in the metals field, including developments I made and my work achievements,” Swiglo said. “After that, a nominating committee reviews the nominations and awards are given out. I am proud to be amongst this group of professionals.”

ASM International established the honor of Fellow of Society to provide recognition of members for distinguished contributions in the field of materials science and engineering. In addition, becoming a fellow affords Swiglo the opportunity to serve as an adviser to the society.

Swiglo was specifically nominated for his accomplishments in surface engineering, power transmission gearing and heat treat metallurgy that are used in the aerospace industry, wind turbines, oil exploration and many other heavy industrial industries. Throughout his tenure with the College of Engineering & Engineering Technology, Swiglo has worked closely with the ROCK and ICDM programs, which work with the region to bring new technology to northern Illinois.

Dean Promod Vohra is especially proud to have Swiglo amongst his team.

“Al has been a member of the CEET family for six years. During his time with us, his significant work activity has benefited the college and the region in many ways,” Vohra said. “Not only does he care for students, but his attention to research impacts the ROCK and ICDM programs immensely, which increases the vitality of the area in which we live. He certainly deserves this honor and we are proud to congratulate him.”