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DeKalb County to mail voter registration cards

August 1, 2011

Photo of VOTE buttonBeginning this month, the DeKalb County Clerk’s office will mail DeKalb voters their official documentation as registered voters in DeKalb County.

These cards serve as the official identification for the voter that they are registered to vote in the county. Additionally, they provide detailed information as to which representative districts each individual resides.

While voters are not required to present this card at the polls, it is strongly encouraged that voters maintain this card in their wallets to present should the Election Judge need proof of eligibility to vote on Election Day.

The card contains 14 boxes on the front side which indicate the representative district in which you reside. The boxes are identified as:

  • Congressional District.
  • Legislative (State Senate).
  • Representative (State Representative).
  • County Board.
  • Community College District.
  • Township.
  • Precinct.
  • City Jurisdiction.
  • Ward of City.
  • Park District (if applicable).
  • Library District (if applicable).
  • Fire District.
  • School District.
  • High School District.

In the outlined box, below the description of your representative boundaries, is the polling location you go to on each Election Day.

Voters who see any errors in the spelling of their names or addresses should contact the clerk’s office as soon as possible at (815) 895-7147. For more information, or to stay up to date on the DeKalb County elections, visit or call (815) 895-7147.