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Military Student Services: campus veterans needed to help new veteran students at NIU

July 19, 2011

Veterans Day at NIUMilitary Student Services (MSS) is seeking staff and faculty who have served in the military to help new veteran students starting at NIU.

Specifically, MSS is gathering basic contact information, branch of service and years of service to create a database of faculty and staff veterans that will act as a resource to both the MSS office and to incoming veterans who want to connect with faculty and staff that have served in the past.

As the number of veterans increase on college campuses, the importance of connecting with other individuals who have served becomes more important. As veterans readjust to civilian lifestyle, knowing that there are staff and faculty on campus who might have had similar experience creates a more welcoming environment for new students.

Additionally, any staff and faculty in the database will be informed about upcoming MSS events and opportunities for them to assist returning veterans.

Those who have served and are interested in being added to the database should contact the Military Student Services office at (815) 753-0691 or e-mail [email protected].