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Academic Convocation coming in one month, event to spotlight student-faculty collaboration

July 19, 2011
Academic Convocation 2010

Academic Convocation 2010

Faculty and staff, mark your calendars today: Academic Convocation 2011 is one month away.

New freshmen and transfer students will enjoy their formal welcome to academic life at 11 a.m. Friday, Aug. 19, inside the Convocation Center.

During the annual event, called the “book end” to commencement by academic and student affairs professionals across campus, students are exposed to NIU traditions, core values and Huskie pride as they gather alongside 3,000 classmates, faculty and staff members.

One of the most highly anticipated portions of the one-hour event is the faculty-student collaboration. This year’s ceremony will include two presentations: “Accounting CSI” and Huskie Research Rookies.

Led by Chih-Chen Lee and NIU accountancy majors Alexandra (Ali) Hallam (’11) and Matt Langford (’11), “Accounting CSI” will provide attendees with an overview of the ACCY 465 (Forensic Accounting/Fraud Examination) “Adrian Project” while they bust the myth that accounting is “boring.”

Academic Convocation 2010A day-long fraud and forensic accounting conference, led by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Unit, NIU is among the few institutions across the country selected to participate.

Highly experienced in the forensics aspect of accountancy, Lee truly enjoys teaching upper level courses in which fraud, in particular, is examined. Watching students apply what they learn in a “real-world investigation” format is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her role.

“You must learn to doubt everything to be good at accounting,” she said.

The Huskie Research Rookies program works to link students with faculty mentors in their major or area of interest to conduct a small-scale research project.

Student-scholar Sarah Stuebing heard about this program and immediately felt this would be a wonderful opportunity to enhance her learning experiences as a freshman.

Academic Convocation 2010As a major in the Department of Biology, she contacted associate professor Moira Jenkins to act as her mentor. With support and input from Jenkins, Stuebing designed a project which combined her love of horses, her interest in their biology, and her newest personal interest: equine massage therapy.

Her idea was to determine whether equine massage therapy would have a significant effect on her horses’ gait. She studied six horses during her research.

As illustrated through Stuebing’s experiences, Huskie Research Rookies is a great opportunity for everyone to enhance their educational experience. Students simply need personal ambition, determination and the will to succeed. NIU faculty members are here to help students achieve their goals and dreams and make exception mentors as students continue learning today to lead tomorrow in their chosen field.

To learn more about these incredible experiences, all faculty and staff are encouraged to attend. Those holding master’s or doctoral degrees who wish to join the procession should contact Pam Roesner at [email protected] or register online.

For more information, call (815) 753-9611.