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Huskie Fit Club offers six-week results

May 20, 2011

personal-trainerLooking to take control of your fitness routine and see amazing results? Join the club – the Huskie Fit Club, that is.

The six-week program helps you shed those unsightly extra pounds, get back on track with a fitness routine and beat the stress in your life.

Athletic trainer Eric Appiah produced countless results for individuals across for more than 10 years as a certified master trainer. He is a NSCA-certified fitness specialist and holds a master’s-level education in exercise science. He has trained clients in the corporate setting, as well as collegiate and professional athletes, retired individuals and young aspiring athletes in summer camps.

The $125 fee includes:

  • training from a dedicated and experienced certified trainer.
  • use of resistance bands and other fitness equipment.
  • participation in Power Challenges.
  • nutrition education.
  • weekly exercise routines tailored to individual needs.
  • regular checkups with your personal trainer

For more information, contact Appiah at (815) 753-9421 or via e-mail at [email protected].