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NIU parking fees, fines to rise

May 10, 2011

Photo of parking spacesBeginning Friday, July 1, NIU students and employees will pay more to park in on-campus lots.

Members of the university’s Campus Parking Committee, represented by all groups on campus, unanimously voted to increase permit fees and fines ranging from $3 to $69 to keep up with maintenance of the parking lots and rising costs associated with the campus parking.

“Campus parking services is a self-sustaining operation. It does not receive money from tuition or student fees or receive state appropriations,” said Kristin Mommsen, director of NIU’s Parking Services. “In order to keep up with maintenance and safety of the lots and the parking structure, the committee recognized that the increases are needed.”

The increases in parking fines were calculated on the type and number of violations that occur each year, she said.

While discussing the new fees, the faculty, staff and students who make up the advisory committee agreed to keep the increases to a minimum, Mommsen said.

“Committee members are sensitive to the costs of driving, but some fees have not increased since 2008; the majority of them have not increased since the early 2000s,” she said.

As a money-saving example, she said, committee members created a purple parking permit for faculty and staff at a remote lot at the Convocation Center. Students already have the option of purchasing a green permit for a remote lot at the Convocation Center. Purple and green permits cost from $35 to $40.

NIU President John Peters has approved the recommendations.

Permit TypePrices from 2010-2011New Prices for 2011-2012
Blue Annual100116
Blue Summer6075
Blue Summer/Fall8398
Blue Fall or Spring7287
Blue Spring/Summer8398
Red/Blue Reserved AAT680749
Red/Blue Reserved 7-7580638
Yellow Annual7585
Yellow Summer2737
Yellow Spring/Summer5969
Yellow Fall or Spring5464
Orange Annual7585
Orange Summer2737
Orange Spring/Summer5969
Orange Fall or Spring5464
Student Reserved Annual395436
Brown Annual3747
Brown Summer2737
Brown Spring/Summer3444
Brown Fall or Spring3242
Green Annual3740
Green Summer2730
Green Spring/Summer3437
Green Fall or Spring3235
Purple Annual40
Purple Spring/Summer37
Purple Fall or Spring35
Motorcycle Annual3040
Motorcycle Fall or Spring1520
  Ticket Fine Prices FY12  
 Prices from 2010-2011New Prices for 2011-2012
Altering/manufacturing a permit$100$200
Failure to remove a non-current NIU parking permit$5$10
Failure to report changes that affect parking privileges$5$10
Failure to use flashers in a loading/unloading space$5$10
Falsification of permit registration$100$200
Handicapped space use violation$250$250
Improper display of permit$2$5
Improper parking*$10$20
Meter violation$10$20
Moving violations$50$50
No NIU registration*$40$50
Permit not displayed$2$5
Visitor fee$5$5
No parking zone*$40$50
Overtime in 15-minute space$20$30
Parked in any reserved spaces$80$100
Permit not valid for lot*$40$50
Resident restricted zone$10$20
Unattended vehicle with the motor running*$10$10
Unauthorized procurement, possession, transference of permit, or use of any university parking permit$100$200
Restitution for replacement permit$20$20
Administrative fee$100$100


* Fines designated with an asterisk above can be discounted to 1/2 the amount shown if paid within 48 hours of the citation date.