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Board of Trustees Professor Narayan Hosmane to present March 22 seminar on cancer research

March 8, 2011

Cancer might touch everyone, but its touch does not always have to be devastating.

Narayan Hosmane, professor of chemistry and biochemistry at NIU, will discuss research into a promising experimental form of cancer treatment during a Board of Trustees Professorship Seminar at noon Tuesday, March 22, in the Illinois Room of the Holmes Student Center. Refreshments will be served before the seminar at 11:30 a.m.

During the hour-long lecture, Hosmane, a world-renowned cancer researcher, will explain his work exploring the viability of using boron drugs, in combination with neutron capture therapy, as a way of effectively combating cancer while reducing treatment side effects.

Board of Trustees Professor Narayan Hosmane

Board of Trustees Professor Narayan Hosmane

The boron drugs are injected into cancerous tissue samples, which are then radiated with neutrons. The interaction between the boron and the radiation beam is designed to kill the boron-injected cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Known as Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), the process has shown some promising results with certain cancers in an initial clinical trial in Japan, Hosmane said. He has been working longer than a decade to advance BNCT.

His research group includes NIU undergraduate, graduate and post-doctorate students.

“This has been proven effective at any stage of the tumor as long as it is localized and hasn’t spread,” Hosmane said. “This is a unique treatment that can help many people.”

Hosmane was one of three NIU faculty members to be among the first group of recipients of the Board of Trustees Professorship in 2008. The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees Professorship was established to recognize faculty members who have achieved a consistent record of excellence in teaching, scholarship or artistry, service and outreach and academic leadership.

Those recipients also have earned national and international reputations for professional achievements, and are deemed likely to make continued and substantial contributions in higher education.

Hosmane has garnered attention for his cancer treatment research in his native India, the United States and throughout the world.

Besides the Board of Trustees Professorship, he also has received the Pride of India Gold Award, the Humboldt Research Award for senior scientists from his German colleagues and the NIU Presidential Research Professorship Award.

“During his career, Dr. Hosmane has done an exemplary job of using his research experiences to engage, captivate and mentor chemistry and biochemistry students,” NIU Provost Raymond Alden said. “We’re thrilled to have him share his knowledge, experiences and professional successes with the campus community in this second Board of Trustees Professorship Seminar.”