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Super Bowl, NIU style: Foundation donors bask in Huskie glory during Humanitarian Bowl

February 4, 2011

More than 100,000 people are in Dallas this week to watch the Super Bowl, most of them holding tickets for seats inside the stadium.

They’re joined by thousands more who are planning to watch the game on big-screen TVs erected just outside the stadium, not to mention the throngs of media in town to cover the NFL showdown between Green Bay and Pittsburgh.

Dallas and Fort Worth consequently have been abuzz for days, nowhere more than at the towns’ restaurants, night clubs and stores, where tourists are dropping untold thousands of dollars to enjoy some Texas hospitality.

Ironically, very few of the revelers are from Wisconsin or Pennsylvania. Most are people with means who enjoy an extraordinary party.

For fans of the NIU Huskies, their opportunity to take in a Super Bowl-like atmosphere came in December during the days leading up to the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl. And, unlike most of the crowds in Dallas, the Huskie Nation actually had its team on the field.

When the NIU Foundation joined several of its friends in Boise, NIU’s cameras were rolling. Here’s a sneak peak at their “super” time.