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Information, comments regarding ombudsman requested for annual performance review

January 31, 2011
Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

Section 19.4 of the NIU Bylaws requires that an annual review of the performance of the ombudsman be conducted by the University Affairs Committee of the University Council.

The individual to be reviewed at this time is Tim Griffin. The position description for the ombudsman is available online.

NIU students, faculty and staff are invited to provide information and comments regarding Griffin’s performance as the ombudsman during the 2010-11 academic year. Submit all comments in writing to: Ombudsman Review, c/o┬áthe Office of University Council, Altgeld Hall 103, no later than Tuesday, March 1.

Absolute confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process; only summary comments, with all identifying data deleted, will be included in the confidential report.

Anonymous comments, however, cannot be accepted.