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Amended Procurement Code takes effect Jan. 1

December 15, 2010

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Significant amendments to the Procurement Code (Public Act 96-795) became effective July 1, 2010, with a delayed requirement regarding Procurement Communication Reporting effective Jan. 1, 2011.

Employees conducting material communications with prospective or current vendors in advance of completing a university procurement or change order must now report those written or oral communications through a new website maintained by the Illinois Procurement Policy Board (PPB). Training and reference materials are available on this website for all university employees.

Generally, any communication involving the solicitation, review, evaluation, decision, or negotiation of a purchase is reportable along with any communications involving change orders, renewals, or extensions of a contract. Exceptions to the reporting requirement are outlined in the PPB website and the Executive Ethics Commission is expected to provide further guidance regarding application of the reporting requirements.

Exceptions include necessary communication or inquiries following completion of a purchase, communication involving the administration and implementation of an existing contract (unrelated to a change order, renewal or extension), and certain communications conducted in a public forum or open meeting. NIU Procurement Services will continue to implement necessary procedures concerning this new compliance requirement.

Effective Saturday, Jan. 1, the PPB will activate the Procurement Communication Reporting website at Reports submitted to the PPB website will be available for viewing by the general public.

Questions regarding specific situations where reporting may be required should be directed to Al Mueller, director of NIU Procurement Services, at [email protected], (815) 753-6104 or to [email protected].

General inquiries concerning procurement procedures and transactions should be addressed to Procurement Services at (815) 753-1671.