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Students: Trade sweatshirts to show Huskie Pride

November 9, 2010

Members of the Northern Illinois Athletics Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and the staff of the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management want to see a little more “Huskie Pride” around the Northern Illinois University campus this winter. 

Over the next several weeks, SAAC students and NIU Student Affairs & Enrollment Management staffers will be at different locations on campus with brand new NIU Huskies sweatshirts. When they encounter an NIU student wearing a sweatshirt with the name or logo of another college or university, they will offer to trade that sweatshirt on the spot for the new NIU gear.

All of the sweatshirts of other schools collected will be donated to Safe Passage, a local charity which assists battered women and children.

The idea to spread a little more Huskie Pride on campus with sweatshirts was conceived by the student-athletes, who worked with representatives of adidas to design the shirt. They took the idea to Brian Hemphill, vice president for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at NIU, and he and his staff offered their assistance.

“This is an exciting initiative designed to increase the level of pride in the Huskie Nation,” Hemphill said. “If you are a proud Huskie, we want you to wear the appropriate gear!”

Meaghan Bennett, a junior on the Huskie women’s soccer team and a member of the NIU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, said that Northern Illinois student-athletes take a lot of pride in representing their school and wearing the Huskie logo and that they wanted to see more students on campus wearing NIU gear.

“Over the summer, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee decided to put forth an initiative to build more Huskie pride here at Northern,” Bennett said. “We got together with the athletic department as well as Student Affairs, and we started the Huskie Pride program, where we swap NIU sweatshirts for other college sweatshirts in an effort to get NIU school spirit going.”

Approximately 250 sweatshirts are available for trade, and the first group of student-athletes – including football players Chandler Harnish, Adam Kiel and Perez Ashford – was on campus last week approaching students with the Huskie Pride offer. 

On Monday, Bennett convinced former North Central College student Ashley Ginn from Rochelle to swap her North Central volleyball sweatshirt for a brand new Huskie Pride sweatshirt.

“It’s great to see students transferring in and finding their home here at NIU, and it’s fun to be able to give them something to wear with the Huskie logo,” she said. 

Staff members from the NIU Student Affairs & Enrollment Management division, as well as another group of student-athletes, will be in different locations on campus this week looking to trade more sweatshirts to promote Huskie Pride.

Students also can show their Huskie pride by attending Northern Illinois athletics contests, which are free to all students.