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Statement from DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen

October 28, 2010

DeKalb Police Chief Bill Feithen, spokesperson for the DeKalb County Major Case Squad, issued the following statement this evening (October 28, 2010).

A person of interest is being questioned about the homicide of 18-year-old Antinette “Toni” Keller. This individual is in custody on charges of obstruction of justice and unlawful possession of a motor vehicle. The extradition of this person to the state of Illinois is pending. The investigation into the homicide of “Toni” Keller continues.

I want to thank the public for the numerous tips and leads they have provided in this case. To date, we have received approximately 210 leads, and our investigators are continuing to work diligently to solve this case. We are especially interested in any information about suspicious subjects and activities, especially fires, in Prairie Park between midday October 14th and the morning of October 18th.

Please contact (815) 748-8407, (815) 753-8477 or Crimestoppers at (815) 895-3272.