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Office of Student Academic Success unveils website detailing four year degree paths

September 28, 2010

Image of arrow over roadmapNIU’s Office of Student Academic Success has launched a “Four Year Degree Path” website for undergraduate students.

The paths were created through the collaboration and dedication of NIU deans, department chairs, academic advisers, faculty, staff and administrators who believe that student success and retention can only occur when the entire campus community works together.

The goal of the four year degree paths is to promote undergraduate student success by guiding all students to the completion of an undergraduate degree within a reasonable amount of time.

The posting of these paths is in no way meant to discourage students from working with advisers. Rather, its purpose is to show current and prospective students what is expected of them in order to earn a specific degree in a timely manner.

Degree paths show students the proper timing and pacing of major and general education requirements and assist students in taking ownership of their education. It can also help them prepare for meetings with their academic advisers. The four year time frame also reinforces the notion that the average student should be able to graduate within four years.

Each four year degree path includes links to the corresponding departmental website as well as to the pertinent section in the NIU Undergraduate Catalog.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Academic Success at (815) 753-5721 or [email protected].