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ENGAGE! website seeks opportunities for students and faculty to get involved

September 13, 2010

Thousands of opportunities exist for students to enrich their NIU education and for faculty to enhance their professional practice.  But how do you find opportunities that match your interests?

ENGAGE! is here to help. This new web service invites students and faculty to get involved in community-based activities that increase the value of an NIU education.  The new site currently contains a small sampling of partnerships, engaged learning activities, student and faculty research, volunteer options, internships, and local community problem-solving.

NIU faculty members are encouraged to add their own projects and engaged learning activities to the ENGAGE! website.  Faculty who contribute listings to ENGAGE! will increase their visibility with students, colleagues, and potential partners.  The website also enables faculty to share best practices, find collaborators, and connect with resources. Contributors will also be placing excellent learning opportunities where students can find them.

“Students who participate in real-world learning projects tend to be more successful in college,” according to Dr. Julia Spears, Office of Engaged Learning Initiatives. “They definitely stand out in the applicant pool for jobs.”

ENGAGE! listed about 250 sample activities at its launch on August 8.

“We strongly encourage students, faculty, staff, and community members to add their own activities,” said Vice-President for Administration and University Outreach, Anne Kaplan, whose division helped to produce ENGAGE!

Earl Seaver, Vice-Provost, added “The larger and more robust ENGAGE! becomes, the more useful it will be to our students and our community. Knowing that thousands of opportunities exist, we hope to build this new site into a major asset.”

ENGAGE! was developed by the Center for P-20 Engagement, the vice-provost’s office,  the Office of Assessment Services,  Information Technology Services, and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

Visit ENGAGE! to add your activities and explore the new listings.