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Friends of NIU Libraries introduces new way to support collections, services via timely requests

September 7, 2010

Photo of library booksThe Friends of the NIU Libraries is launching a new way to support the library.

Instead of purchasing expensive items on a case-by-case basis as in the past, the Friends has created an Awards Program where members of the NIU community can submit applications to have specific materials purchased for the library.

Proposals will be accepted each year from the first Monday in January through the first Monday in February and from the first Monday in September through the first Monday in October.

These are one-time expenditures that would enhance the collections, operations  or services of the NIU Libraries.

Such expenditures include, but are not limited to, special purchase opportunities (a desirable item or collection that has become available on short notice, for example); emergency needs; critical upgrades; and expenditures that the libraries are unlikely to be able to meet within the constraints of their normal operating budget.

Proposals for the support of routine, ongoing library expenses, such as annual subscription fees for serials or databases, will not be considered. More information, including proposal guidelines, is online.

For more information, or to submit proposals, contact Lynne Thomas, head of Rare Books and Special Collections, at (815) 753-0255 or [email protected].