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Office of Judicial Affairs undergoes changes

August 30, 2010

Student Conduct logo
Judicial Affairs has undergone comprehensive internal and external reviews to examine the program philosophy, student conduct code, function of the Judicial Advisory Board, and educational outcomes for students.  The Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and department of Judicial Affairs staff members have labored for eighteen months to incorporate and integrate review recommendations to enhance the overall educational experience of students as they traverse the conduct process.

On August 16, 2010, the office formerly know as Judicial Affairs changed its name to the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct.   The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct offers an internal method of handling student disciplinary matters and guarantees due process to all student disciplinary cases.

The Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct coordinates the University judicial system, which provides an opportunity to confront and resolve academic, residential, student conduct, and disciplinary conflicts.

More information regarding the educational philosophy, informational brochures and documents, and a new Student Code of Conduct was released at the beginning of the fall semester.