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Exploring Majors Fair will help students choose academic destinations

August 20, 2010

Not every student starts his or her college journey with a specific destination in mind.

For those who haven’t declared majors, and for those uncertain about their choices, NIU’s Academic Advising Center is happy to play the role of travel agent.

The center’s Exploring Majors Fair, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29, in the Duke Ellington Ballroom of the Holmes Student Center, provides a glimpse into the 63 undergraduate majors (and the numerous minors), as well as the myriad of other academic opportunities NIU has to offer.

Scheduled during the seventh week of classes, the fair happens when freshmen have settled into the college routine and are ready to explore or confirm their opportunities.

“We have nearly every major and department at the university represented,” said Julie Schaid, director of the Academic Advising Center. “Students can literally walk from display to display, table to table, and ask detailed questions about different majors they might be considering.”

“It’s a one-stop shop,” said Steven Barleen, an adviser at the center. “Our mandate is to help students in transition, and students without majors, to find majors and other academic opportunities. A student without a major can come and make that first contact, and many do choose their majors right there.”

Created about five years ago, the annual event attracts between 600 and 700 students in search of direction or affirmation. Several are enrolled in UNIV courses and are required to attend (or even escorted to) the fair by their instructors.

The fair also spotlights other academic opportunities at NIU, including the Honors Program and tutoring services.

Call (815) 753-2573 for more information.