Sucked into the polar vortex

Snow on the NIU campus
With the unseasonably frigid air this week, memories resurfaced of last winter’s biting cold, brought on by the dreaded polar vortex. But as NIU climatologist David Changnon points out, it’s not simply the cold that makes us miserable. Changnon, who has been studying the impacts of last winter for an upcoming publication, can describe the countless ways…

Chasing the storm

Photo of a storm watcher
April STEM Café explores tornadoes, climate changeFor storm chasers, the coming of spring means one thing: tornadoes. Recent tornado-related disasters have led experts to wonder how climate change is affecting the frequency and intensity of these destructive storms. At the next STEM Café, NIU STEM Outreach will present “Chasing the Storm: Tornadoes in a Warming World.” This…

Bring it on, Mother Nature! NIU re-certified as StormReady

From left: Kyle Ullmark (EM specialist of the NIU Deptarment of Police and Public Safety) and NWS Chicago Lead Forecaster Matt Friedlein join NIU Staff Meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste.
Northern Illinois University has been re-certified at a very important level of readiness in protecting students, faculty and staff from severe weather. StormReady locations, including universities, are better prepared to take the right actions to save lives when severe weather strikes. This preparedness comes about through better planning, education and awareness of weather hazards. The requirements to become and maintain StormReady are rigorous…

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