The April 9 tornado near Franklin Grove, Ill. Photo courtesy Walker Ashley, NIU Department of Geography

Tornado Tracking 101

All DeKalb-area residents can remember the violent and deadly tornado that tore through Rochelle and Fairdale last April, leveling houses and trees in its path. At the next STEM Café, “Tornado Tracking: How Meteorologists Predict and Pursue Storms,” NIU associate professor Walker

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Photo of a plug in a wall outlet

High winds causing local power surges

Friday’s windy weather conditions have resulted in intermittent power surges at NIU’s main campus in DeKalb and other communities in the region. The NIU campus is operating normally. The power surges have also caused several severe weather sirens in DeKalb to be activated. Local

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Gilbert Sebenste

NIU named Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador

NIU Weather, part of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, was named last week as a Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS). “I am proud to announce our designation of

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Snow on the NIU campus

Sucked into the polar vortex

With the unseasonably frigid air this week, memories resurfaced of last winter’s biting cold, brought on by the dreaded polar vortex. But as NIU climatologist David Changnon points out, it’s not simply the cold that makes us miserable. Changnon, who has been

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