solar cell

Harnessing the sun

Nickel and gold solar cells under development in Tao Xu's laboratory.
How can you beat the power of the sun? NIU chemistry and biochemistry professor Tao Xu thinks you can’t. He believes solar power will be a big player on the energy scene in the future. “Eventually, we’re going to use up the fossil fuels, which are not recyclable,” Xu says, noting that some predict known oil…

Chemistry’s Tao Xu receives CAREER grant worth $400K from National Science Foundation

Tao Xu
NIU professor Tao Xu, who has developed a promising nanoscience research program in solar energy conversion, is now getting a big boost from the National Science Foundation. NSF awarded the chemistry and biochemistry professor with a prestigious Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) grant of $400,000 to support his research and teaching efforts. CAREER awards support junior faculty…