2014 Presidential Research Professors spread NIU’s reputation worldwide

Giovanni Bennardo, Ana Calvo and Nancy Wingfield
A trio of researchers with international reputations in anthropology, biology and history has been designated as this year’s Presidential Research Professors. They are linguistic anthropologist Giovanni Bennardo, biologist Ana Calvo and historian Nancy M. Wingfield. “This award is highly competitive and represents excellence at NIU and beyond,” said Interim Vice President for Research Lesley Rigg. “Because recipients…

Giovanni Bennardo: Exploring what language says about what we think

Giovanni Bennardo
How people describe the physical world around them can teach you an awful lot about how they think. That seemingly simple premise has been the foundation upon which linguistic anthropologist Giovanni Bennardo has built more than 15 years of groundbreaking research. Recruited in 2000 to establish the Cognitive Studies Initiative at NIU, Bennardo’s work focuses on fundamental…

Ana Calvo: Reaping benefits from the fungus among us

Ana Calvo
Ana Calvo’s research on fungal genetics could have huge benefits to human health and agriculture. She is recognized worldwide as a groundbreaking researcher in the field of fungal genetics and biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. These organic compounds are routinely used in medicine to fight infections (penicillin is a secondary metabolite). However, these natural products are useful in…

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