Amy Newman

Poetry in the classroom

In the world of contemporary American poetry, NIU English Professor Amy Newman is a shining star. That might seem like a bold statement, but it’s easy to back up. Her numerous awards, five books and more than 250 poems, often published in

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Spectacular student research

Creating new knowledge about the subatomic world. Shedding light on how stress alters the response to stimulants. Discovering evidence that cities can spawn thunderstorms. Revealing the risks of traffic-generated air pollution. Faculty at any university would be proud of creating such diverse

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Photo of red pens on a stack of paper

How to improve student writing

With help from NIU students, Thomas McCann and Elizabeth Kahn, both NIU English professors specializing in teacher certification, say they have zeroed in on key strategies to improve high school student performance on writing assignments. Previous research shows, McCann says, that students

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