NIU Anthropology Museum receives federal grant for storage, collections move

Senior anthropology major Kylie Robey constructs a complicated mount for Peruvian spindle whorls.
Northern Illinois University’s Anthropology Museum is having a golden year, picking up its second federal grant in nine months. The museum, currently marking its 50th anniversary, recently received a $150,000 federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to purchase additional compact storage as part of its Collections Rehousing Project. Earlier this year,…

World-renowned scientist Richard Alley to speak Oct. 17 at NIU

Richard Alley
Polar ice expert to talk climate change, sustainable energy, brilliance of ‘Honest Abe’Scientist Richard Alley, a riveting speaker and one of the most famous climate scientists of our time, will visit NIU this fall to give a public talk on the impact that fossil fuels have had on climate and the potential for a bright…

Interfacing eyewear? Smart sneakers? Robo-gloves? Brain 2.0?

Photo of white sneakers
NIU professor David Gunkel says today’s wearable tech is only in its infancyThe new Apple Watch might be an exciting accessory for techies, but it’s only the tip of the technological iceberg compared to what the future has in store for consumers wanting wearable computers. So says award-winning NIU professor David Gunkel, who specializes in the…

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