Exploring the unseen West Antarctic coastline

Ross Powell and fellow NIU geologist Scherer recovered sediment from a subglacial Antarctic lake bed.
The coastline, or grounding zone, where the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet atop land meets the Ross Sea, is considered an important piece of the puzzle for scientists working to predict the effect of climate change on rising seawaters, which threaten coastal cities worldwide. Yet researchers have never laid eyes on it. Never probed its dark shores.…

Center for Southeast Asian Studies earns $2 million in federal grants

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded NIU’s Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) two Title VI grants totaling $2 million to continue promoting the study and research of Southeast Asian languages and cultures over the next four years. This is the fifth time CSEAS has received such funding since its designation as a National Resource…

NIU psychology prof: What influences children raised by grandparents?

Photo of grandparents and granddaughter
It’s not uncommon nowadays for grandparents to live with grandchildren, with many acting as full-time parents. And that family arrangement can bring unique challenges, says Laura Pittman, an NIU professor of psychology. Pittman blogs on the topic today on the Psychology Today website, examining questions related to how living in a grandparent-headed household influences a child’s well-being. “While…

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