Motivation, motivation, motivation

NIU Professors Jennifer Schmidt (left) and Lee Shumow
Oh, if science teachers only knew what their students were really thinking about during lessons. Well, Northern Illinois University researchers actually figured out a way to tap into high school students’ thoughts during class time, and there were plenty of surprises and valuable insights. So many, in fact, that the three-year research project studying students’ motivation to…

Museum exhibit focuses on Haiti earthquake

Mark Schuller
“Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake,”a new exhibit at the NIU Anthropology Museum, invites visitors to explore the lives and living conditions of Haitian people living “under the tents” since the 2010 earthquake. Visitors can enter a tent provided for people displaced from their homes by the earthquake and view artifacts of tent life. Reproductions…

NIU prof helps shed light on primate longevity

Mitch Irwin and Karen Samond observe a lemur in Madagascar.
What won’t Mitch Irwin do in the name of science? Irwin, a Northern Illinois University anthropologist, went to great lengths to collect data in Madagascar for a fascinating new study that sheds light on why primates live long lives. An international team of scientists working with primates in zoos, sanctuaries and in the wild examined daily energy…

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