NIU grad’s book a candidate for literary award

Book Cover
NIU alumnus Ian Stansel published his first book last year. And now it’s up for a top literary award from PEN America with a prize of $25,000. Almost all of the nine short stories in Stansel’s book, “Everybody’s Irish,” take place in Illinois, and a common theme in the book is parenthood and childhood. “Geography may seem incidental to…

Illinois Humanities Council boosts Virginia Woolf conference with grant

Official poster of the International Conference on Viriginia Woolf. Poster art and design by Chicago artists Ginny Sykes and Ruby Barnes.
NIU has received a grant of $4,500 from the Illinois Humanities Council (IHC) to support cultural events affiliated with the 24th annual International Conference on Virginia Woolf, co-sponsored by the NIU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Loyola University Chicago. The grant from the IHC will enable students, clients, and staff of northern Illinois educational…

Students: apply to become First Year Composition peer advocates

First Year Composition Program
The First Year Composition Program, with assistance from the Office of Student Engagement & Experiential Learning, is now accepting applications for peer advocates for fall English 103 classes. With intensive focus on written communication, critical thinking and information literacy skills, the FYComp program at NIU prepares students to be successful academically and professionally throughout their undergraduate years, leading to…

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