Talking across borders

Far too many students walk onto college campuses unprepared for what it takes to earn degrees. Within six years, about half of those who enroll with high hopes will have failed to graduate and bid farewell to their dreams, some for financial

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Photo of a wind turbine

Environmental educators invited to collaborate June 8 at NIU

Helping students pursue their dreams can prove difficult, especially with the interdisciplinary nature of environmental education. NIU’s Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability, and Energy (ESE Institute) is bringing together environmental educators, especially from two-year colleges, to build a northern

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NIU, Kish sign innovative reverse transfer pact

NIU President Doug Baker and Kishwaukee College President Tom Choice signed an innovative reverse transfer agreement during a Friday morning ceremony at Kishwaukee’s campus in Malta. The agreement allows eligible NIU students who transferred from Kishwaukee without associate’s degrees to earn the

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Students from across the region transfer to NIU.

Transfer students speak up in fall survey

Results from NIU’s Fall 2012 Transfer Student Survey show that approximately 90 percent of NIU on-campus transfer students found the process of transferring to NIU to be “manageable,” “easy” or “very easy.” The majority of transfer students also reported that they were

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Tuesdays are tops at NIU for transfer students

Every Tuesday at Northern Illinois University is a special day for students ready to complete their bachelor’s degrees at a four-year university. Transfer Tuesdays at NIU offer prospective students a great opportunity to learn about the NIU community, the transfer admission process

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