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Undergraduate research students hard at work as big event nears

Freshman biology major Lydia Moore works with Sherine Elsawa in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
As Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day (URAD) gets closer and closer, NIU students are working hard to complete their research and artistry projects. Some of these students who will be presenting their work are part of the Huskie Research Rookies program. Huskie Research Rookies links undergraduate first-year, sophomore, and transfer students with faculty mentors in their major…

Forty-one years, three months, 28 days

Judy Santacaterina and Matt Swan join Bob Dalaskey
There are some stories that should be told, and some that should be heard, but this story is one that should be celebrated. Bob Dalaskey, a 59-year-old divorced father of two living in Naperville, “cooked chicken for KFC during high school to save money for college.” He enrolled at NIU in August of 1972 as a…

NIU alum conjures up spirits, laughs

Copywriter by day, supernatural communicator by night; it’s all just another day in the life of NIU alumnus Neil Tobin. For more than 10 years, Tobin has entertained audiences with his one-man show “Supernatural Chicago,” a unique blend of comedy, magic and psychic demonstrations performed at Castle nightclub, formerly known as Excalibur. The show engages audiences with…

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