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NIU grad’s book a candidate for literary award

Book Cover
NIU alumnus Ian Stansel published his first book last year. And now it’s up for a top literary award from PEN America with a prize of $25,000. Almost all of the nine short stories in Stansel’s book, “Everybody’s Irish,” take place in Illinois, and a common theme in the book is parenthood and childhood. “Geography may seem incidental to…

NIU to offer fellowships to Southeast Asia youth program alumni

NIU President Doug Baker
Northern Illinois University President Doug Baker announced Monday evening the establishment of the Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program (SEAYLP) Fellowship, a program that will provide tuition waivers to students who have participated or will be participating in the U.S. Department of State program administered by NIU since 2009. The fellowship will be offered to SEAYLP alumni…

Undergraduate research students hard at work as big event nears

Freshman biology major Lydia Moore works with Sherine Elsawa in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences.
As Undergraduate Research & Artistry Day (URAD) gets closer and closer, NIU students are working hard to complete their research and artistry projects. Some of these students who will be presenting their work are part of the Huskie Research Rookies program. Huskie Research Rookies links undergraduate first-year, sophomore, and transfer students with faculty mentors in their major…

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