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The collaborator

Laura Vazquez
An award-winning documentary filmmaker, the work of Communication Professor Laura Vazquez brings into clear focus some of society’s most pressing issues, including the plight of homeless families, the often cloaked issue of college sexual assault and the challenges facing people with disabilities. Yet the lines between her passions for filmmaking, student engagement and classroom teaching are…

Man in the muon

David Hedin
For David Hedin – a man accustomed to working with elementary particles traveling at nearly the speed of light – there’s just no slowing down. And that’s saying something, considering that Hedin’s long record of achievements first earned him an NIU Board of Trustees Professorship in 2009. Since then, his research and student engagement efforts have only…

Deacon Davis Diversity Award winners named

Deacon Davis
NIU’s Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities (PCSM) has named graduate student Marc Reynolds and faculty member Chris Liska Carger as the recipients of the 2014 Deacon Davis Diversity Award. Named in honor of Deacon Davis, founder and former director of the CHANCE (Counseling Help & Assistance Necessary for a College Education) Program, the award was…

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