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The Sounds from Silence

Tertia “Abby” Jeppson
For nine hours every Saturday and 11 hours every Sunday, Tertia “Abby” Jeppson works a cash register at the local Menards store in her hometown of LaSalle-Peru. When she sometimes hears her name on the loudspeaker, the NIU senior usually has a good idea why: One of her colleagues is trying to help a customer who…

Ebola: Should we worry?

Photo of a blue germ mask
As the deadly Ebola virus races through West Africa, its grip on the collective United States attention is reaching a fever pitch. President Obama speaks almost daily on the outbreak, proclaiming it a “top national security priority” Oct. 6 and calling the next day for ramped-up airport screening procedures. Journalists staged across Dallas to report any and…

Seminar to cover employment for people with serious mental illness

Deborah Becker
Deborah Becker, a certified rehabilitation counselor and associate professor at the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, will visit NIU Friday, Oct. 24, to deliver an AHCD Graduate Colloquium Seminar. “A Working Life for People with Serious Mental Illness,” which is free and open to the public, begins at 2:10 p.m. in the Wirtz Hall auditorium (Room 101). Becker…

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