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November STEM Café to explore 3D printing

The technology in your home office probably allows users to print letters and photos, but what if you wanted to print 3D toys, bracelets or even dinner for your family? Advances in 3D printing are actually allowing researchers and average folks to print everything from car parts to body parts. At the next STEM Café, visitors…

Without borders, NIU student expands horizons

Taylor Dupre-Solar
Northern Illinois University senior Mechanical Engineering student Taylor Dupré used his involvement in student organizations to extend his learning to outside of the classroom and even outside the country.  As a result of joining NIU’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) his freshman year, he became interested in EWB’s international partnerships, giving him an advantage as he…

NIU’s STEM camps foster creativity, career exploration

Students in Engineering Amusement learned about the physics of thrill rides by constructing their own rollercoasters.
Learning is happening year-round at NIU. Over the summer, the next generation of innovators explored career options at NIU’s STEM summer camps. “Starting as early as middle school, students begin defining their career possibilities,” says Pati Sievert, director of NIU STEM Outreach. “Research shows that serious career interests motivate students to work harder in middle school and…

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