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‘A focus on the whole child’

Photo of a gymnasium
Health. Leadership. Maturity. Self-reflection. Adventure. Children everywhere need these and other building blocks to lead productive, successful lives – and faculty in NIU’s Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education are working to deliver those strong foundations. Research and engagement programs already making differences locally are poised to create a broader impact across the country and around the…

Books, Crafts, Experience

Project ROAR at Cortland Elementary School
Sitting in clusters of three, the Cortland Elementary School second-graders write things for which they are thankful onto “leaves” and “pumpkins” cut from red, orange and yellow construction paper. Friends. Clothes. Cousins. Mama. Teacher. Food. Halloween. Next, they squirt Tacky Glue onto their harvest-colored shapes and press them onto paper plates as they create Thanksgiving wreaths to…

Virtual feedback, mutual benefits

Photo of a cup of coffee and a laptop
Longtime friends Corrine Wickens and Elsa Glover were jogging together a few years ago when the conversation turned – naturally – to education. What happened next reads like the script of a classic TV commercial for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. NIU’s Wickens, an associate professor in the Department of Literacy and Elementary Education, and Glover, a teacher…

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