Normal sibling conflict? Or bullying behavior?

Photo of stressed mother and fighting siblings
Sure, we all know brothers and sisters will squabble from time to time – NIU psychology researchers say sibling conflict is normal. But parents should be aware that the fighting can cross a line and enter bullying territory, with harmful effects. NIU psychology professors Christine Malecki and Michelle Demaray blog on the topic this week on the…

Books, Crafts, Experience

Project ROAR at Cortland Elementary School
Sitting in clusters of three, the Cortland Elementary School second-graders write things for which they are thankful onto “leaves” and “pumpkins” cut from red, orange and yellow construction paper. Friends. Clothes. Cousins. Mama. Teacher. Food. Halloween. Next, they squirt Tacky Glue onto their harvest-colored shapes and press them onto paper plates as they create Thanksgiving wreaths to…

A place like home

Student-parents Destiny Engels (left) and Heather Theissing study in the North Corner Room of Campus Child Care while their sons, Randal and Jeremiah, play.
Lisa Hackney, a junior studying nutrition sciences, commutes to NIU each day from rural Freeport. Despite the 70-minute drives every morning and every afternoon, the sun in her eyes both ways, she’s rocking straight A’s this semester – and her son Sawyer, who turns 4 in December, is along for the ride. Hackney attributes some of her…

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