NIU Google Apps/Gmail data will be deleted May 26

On Friday, May 26, NIU’s Department of Information Technology (DoIT) will delete any remaining Google apps, Gmail and data as it completes the final move toward supporting a single, university-wide communication and collaboration system, Microsoft Office 365. NIU completed moving students to

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Steam outages start on May 22

NIU’s Heating Plant has scheduled the annual steam outages for May and June. All campus facilities that are connected to the main steam distribution will not have heat, reheat or domestic hot water (sinks and showers) during their related shutdown. There are

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Annual water quality report released

The Water Quality Report for 2016, regarding the quality of drinking water on NIU’s DeKalb campus, has been released. This report details the source of NIU’s water, what it contains, and how it compares with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state health

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