NIU’s Sebenste: ‘Get the snowblower ready’

Gilbert Sebenste
Recently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its winter forecast. Until mid-October, NOAA stated it could not accurately predict what sort of winter is in store for this region. That changed to a somewhat higher probability of higher-than-average…

Weldy: Show our VIPs what it means to be a Huskie

Open House – Spring 2014
On Monday, Oct. 13, we will be hosting approximately 2,000 VIPs on campus – potential new Huskies and their families. Our first Fall Open House takes place mainly in the Holmes Student Center, but campus tours and departmental receptions are also planned,…

#WhyEngineering? Great picnics!

By Lark Lewis On September 16th, the College of Engineering & Engineering Technology held its annual Welcome Back Picnic, which was quite the hotspot on campus that day. A lot of people only stopped by to get their hands on the college’s…

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