Baker Report: A smoke-free NIU

A 1992 memo from cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris found that smokers working in places that prohibit smoking smoke 11-15 percent less than average and quit at a rate that is 84 percent higher than average. State lawmakers and health officials hope the Illinois Smoke-Free

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Man vs. Machine

Recently NPR ran a rather interesting competition of man versus machine. This 21st century version of the John Henry legend pit NPR reporter Scott Horsely against Automated Insights’ Wordsmith, an algorithm designed to assemble original news stories by accessing data residing in

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President Baker provides state budget update

NIU President Doug Baker sent the following email message to faculty and staff Tuesday morning relative to the state budget and its impact on university operations and, in particular, payroll. Dear NIU faculty and staff, There have been a number of questions raised

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Photo of a tornado

Making sense of the weather forecast

With the tornadoes that took place on April 9, more people are wondering what their threat of severe weather is in the forecast. For many people, a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms just won’t do. Will they be severe? And if so, what is

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