The power of 3 + 3

Photo of an NIU ROTC cadet
Scholars from NIU, the University of Illinois at Chicago and Southwestern University collaborate on ground-breaking research study The power of three plus three in a research study has come to fruition as scholars from three different universities in the United States…

Presentations invited for March 21 conference on diversity

A photo of pillars at the Lincoln Memorial
NIU’s Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities invites proposals for presentations at a one-day regional conference on diversity, scheduled Saturday, March 21, at NIU-Naperville. Highlights of the “Diversity: Strengthening the Pillars of Community” conference include opening speaker David Stovall from the…

Normal sibling conflict? Or bullying behavior?

Photo of stressed mother and fighting siblings
Sure, we all know brothers and sisters will squabble from time to time – NIU psychology researchers say sibling conflict is normal. But parents should be aware that the fighting can cross a line and enter bullying territory, with harmful effects. NIU…

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