Robot revolution

Our robots are getting smarter. Should we be excited or scared? At the next STEM Café, “RoboRevolution: The Future of Sentient Machines at Home and in the Workplace,” two NIU thinkers will explore the many ways cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence are

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NIU visionaries

Finding new ways to prevent and treat disease. Improving incubators for premature babies. Inventing a new type of solar cell. These are just a few of the exciting innovations of NIU faculty and staff who were honored recently during the Research and

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Ian D. Walker

Elephants, octopuses and robots

Ian D. Walker, a professor or electrical and computer engineering at Clemson University, will visit NIU at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, to talk on “Biologically Inspired Continuum Robots.” Walker’s presentation will take place in Room 354 of the Engineering Building. His

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Scientific discovery, Generation 2

With powerful supercomputing abilities and a support team in place to help users, NIU’s new Center for Research Computing and Data (CRCD) is poised to usher in a new era of big-data scientific research on campus. Just consider some of the center’s

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Photo of a robot

R2D2 and you, too

For years, humankind has thought of capable, intelligent robots as the stuff of science fiction, from the friendly droids of “Star Wars” to the mechanical overlords of “The Matrix.” In fact, smart robots are already all around us – with more coming

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NIU lighting lab

A bright outlook

People are exposed daily to many different types of light. Although many are not consciously aware of the lights that surround them, the color and brightness of these lights affects them physiologically. Take a look around to consider the nearby sources of

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