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NIU grad’s book a candidate for literary award

Book Cover
NIU alumnus Ian Stansel published his first book last year. And now it’s up for a top literary award from PEN America with a prize of $25,000. Almost all of the nine short stories in Stansel’s book, “Everybody’s Irish,” take place in Illinois,…

Real murder case inspires alum to write novel

Peter Gallanis
NIU alumnus Peter Gallanis has published his first novel, “The Reporter: Part 1 – Rise and Fall,” which was inspired by events connected to the 1993 massacre at a Brown’s Chicken restaurant in suburban Palatine. The story features Nic Pappas, a young investigative reporter,…

NIU Alumni travel program considered top-notch

NIU Alumni
The NIU Alumni Association’s travel program is featured in the May/June issue of the national magazine Select Traveler for going the extra mile to connect travelers to NIU and each other. Pat Anderson, director of alumni relations, emphasizes in the magazine…

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