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NPR names Gray as new development director

Robert K. “Bert” Gray
Northern Public Radio has named Robert K. “Bert” Gray as its new development director. Gray is a seasoned public- and not-for-profit agency administrator and fundraiser. He brings experience in communications, marketing, planning, personnel and project management to the NIU-based broadcast service…

Stevens Building tenants move out May 20

Stevens Building
After years of deterioration and a dubious two-decade reign atop NIU’s capital budget request list, the Stevens Building is drawing nearer to its long-awaited transformation. Construction will begin after Jan. 1, 2014, following an environmental survey planned for early in the…

Six seniors to play Community School recitals

Six students who are graduating from high school are performing senior recitals this spring, the NIU Community School of the Arts has announced. The six are Paige Phelps, Danielle Pivonka and Owen Ruff of Sycamore and Hanna Bingham, Erin McGaughey and…

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