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Margaret Berg and Angie Listy – Department of Accountancy (5/2/2019) - Margaret and Angie are tremendous in their administrative roles in the Department of Accountancy. Last week we hosted a high school accounting competition for 100 students in Naperville and and Outstanding Alum event for more than 100 guest on Thursday. With their
Jennifer Gregory – Department of Political Science (5/2/2019) - Being a new employee at NIU can be challenging to learn how things work here. Jennifer has and is still making the transition smooth and painless. She is patient with my questions and is encouraging when I struggle and celebrates with me
Sara Finnigan – Division of Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development (5/1/2019) - Sara handles things from so many different directions at once and does so with good humor and proficiency. You know if it lands on her plate, it’s going to get done. It’s always a pleasure to work with her.
Jenny Redisi – Department of Marketing (5/1/2019) - Jenny has been the cornerstone of the Introduction to Sales course (Marketing 350) the last two years with smaller classes to provide 1:1 coaching. That said, she’s also stepped up mid-semester to lead an extra class vacated by a lost instructor. She’s
Ann Kenney – Human Resource Services (4/29/2019) - Ann’s job consists of so many different duties and she handles them all thoroughly, but she also took it upon herself to redesign our previously cramped and crowded break room into a pleasant space. Due to her creativeness and vision, a massive
Vickie Hueramo – Human Resource Services (4/29/2019) - I work closely with Vickie and would like to applaud her for her thorough understanding of not only her position’s duties, but of those around her. She has made my job easier by directing employees to me when needed and answering questions
Zach Wahl-Alexander – Kinesiology and Physical Education (4/25/2019) - Zach always goes the extra mile for his students. He can be heard mentoring them on things from class material to professional endeavors or helping guide them through personal issues. He does this not only for students but for colleagues as well!
Janet Reynolds – Department of Sociology (4/24/2019) - Jan puts so much effort and care into her teaching that her students will take future classes with her whether they need them or not! She is truly dedicated to the success of her students.
Bruce Reid – CHANCE Program (4/22/2019) - Bruce personally escorted a student to my office to assist the student in resolving a hold on their account. Bruce’s extended efforts to assist the student in being able to register for classes was significant for her success. Thank you, Bruce, for
Aleksandar Kosoric – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (4/22/2019) - I am very grateful that Aleksandar Kosoric is working in the college for network support. I find Aleks very knowledgeable, helpful and easy to reach. When I drop him a note, I can rely on his help. I am very glad we

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