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Recent Applause

Linda Watson – College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2/9/2017) - For more than a year, Linda Watson has been assessing and converting CLAS websites to the new templates. She’s really stepped up to learn the necessary skills and take the time to do a great job. Every website she works on improves
Debbie Gutierrez – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (2/7/2017) - Universally loved and appreciated for always helping out and making everyone happy, Debbie is a gem. As the office administrator of the associate dean’s office, she makes the office hum. A consummate professional, with superb organizing and creative skills, Debbie has heart,
Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance (11/28/2016) - As a new employee with questions on how to handle situations under AAEC, I was impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and patience of the staff. My questions were taken seriously and given the right amount of attention and clarification. Makes my job
Cindy Kozumplik – Division of Information Technology (11/23/2016) - Cindy helped us develop and deliver a campus-wide web training program. She is knowledgeable, patient, helpful and a delight to work with. She was able to pivot quickly when we made huge content changes as well. Thanks, Cindy!
Matt Kacskos – Division of Information Technology (10/31/2016) - Matt’s response time to queries is always super fast! Either he knows the answer or finds the solution for you within hours. Having someone like Matt in DoIT makes our jobs so much easier. Way to go, Matt!
Sophia Varcados – Creative Services (10/27/2016) - Sophia is generous with her artistry and knowledge and is patient with all questions, big and small. She is a pleasure to work with and her work brightens our day and helps us elevate our mission.
Jenny Johnson – College of Education (9/28/2016) - Jenny is always willing to help out and she is a great problem solver. She is a wonderful person to work with and always has a smile on her face. Jenny, you’re the BEST!
Scott Olsen – Procurement Services (9/26/2016) - Scott is always so upbeat and helpful to any colleague needing assistance. He brings joy to the workday and cheers up those with whom he comes in contact. He is a very positive influence to the university.
Matt Kacskos – Division of Information Technology (9/19/2016) - Matt always goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive responses to perplexing technical questions, always in a prompt fashion. He is an unsung hero of the NIU community. Much appreciation, Matt.
Keith – Division of Information Technology (9/7/2016) - I just had a lovely and entertaining conversation with Keith at the Help Desk while he tried to fix my email problem. Thanks for problem solving and keeping things light, Keith!

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