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Tammy Lexa – Human Resource Services (7/11/2019) - Tammy has always been very helpful with any payroll question I have had throughout the years. She has exceptional customer service skills and never makes me feel bad for asking any particular question, no matter what it may be. If she’s not
Jeanne Baxter – Alumni Association (7/11/2019) - Jeanne has a spirit of service that is unparalleled, which makes her a great part of the NIU Alumni Association Team. She often goes above and beyond and went so far as offering to drive to the city from her home in
Stephanie Brown – International Student and Scholar Services (6/28/2019) - As an international student, I had lots of anxieties and fears about living in the U.S., let alone about working in the country under the policies that applied to me. As a student and employee of NIU, I have had quite a
Charles Ogundipe – CHANCE Program (6/28/2019) - I have been at NIU for about four years now and can’t help but applaud a few people that have been instrumental to my success. Charles Ogundipe has gone above and beyond to help me with several issues I have had as
Kristin Brynteson – Center for P-20 Engagement (6/19/2019) - Kristin is doing an outstanding job coordinating the MSP grant work. She is tireless, well organized and always positive. This is a huge project and Kristin and her team have been amazing.
Brenda Kehm – Department of Curriculum and Instruction (6/19/2019) - Brenda works hard to keep the Department of Curriculum and Instruction running. She always gives her best to this department.
Dawn Westhoff – Department of World Languages and Cultures (6/19/2019) - Dawn is an active and engaged member of our department, always willing to take a moment to collaborate and brainstorm. I appreciate her voice in our large, diverse department. She has organized and participated in multiple student meetings to provide extra opportunities
Lisa Heal – Center for Southeast Asian Studies (6/19/2019) - Everyone at the Center for Southeast Asian Studies has a story about how office manager Lisa Heal goes above and beyond every single day–whether it’s solving a paperwork mystery, getting to the bottom of an accounting conundrum, helping a student sort out
Susan Mizgalski – College of Education (6/18/2019) - Susan is incredibly strategic, creative and collaborative. She can take an idea and bring it to life through marketing materials, events and internal and external communications. She is an amazing contributor to the College of Education’s communication and marketing efforts.
Kurt Westhoff – CHANCE (6/12/2019) - Kurt goes out of his way to plan ahead, organize and is a team player. He is proactive and strategic. He goes and above and beyond to keep things in order.

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