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Recent Applause

Angela Baron-Jeffrey – Center for Child Welfare and Education (4/13/2017) - Your dedication to the project has been seen for over 20 years. Your passion for children and their wellbeing is exceptional. The team of Education Advisors Salute you as our supervisor.
Greg Hulmes – Outreach, Engagement and Regional Development (4/13/2017) - I couldn’t ask for a better IT professional to take care of us. Greg is always on top of things and shows patience and perseverance continually. Glad he’s my “IT Guy!”
Tia France – Illinois Board of Examiners (4/10/2017) - Tia is our supervisor at ILBOE-Naperville. She is always encouraging us to not only strive for us best at work but to work towards our best future. She goes above and beyond to ensure we all make full use of our individual
Julie Bower РUniversity Information Services (3/29/2017) - Julie is very pleasant and professional. She helped me connect with the correct department and person. Thank you, again, Julie!
Norm Sutherland – Division of Information Technology (3/21/2017) - I called the Help Desk Sunday afternoon with a question about Blackboard. Norm was the person I spoke with, and he was extremely patient and helpful. He figured out a problem that saved me a lot of time. Thanks!
Peter Olson – Art Museum (3/21/2017) - It has been a delight to watch Peter continue to curate wonderful exhibitions with such caring and insight. He also serves our NIU students well and is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.
Stuart Henn – Art Museum (3/8/2017) - In order to see the job done right, consistently and in timely fashion, Stuart took on the processing of donations and of new and renewing memberships in the Friends of the Art Museum. His efficiency and professionalism has been greatly appreciated by
Linda Watson – College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (2/9/2017) - For more than a year, Linda Watson has been assessing and converting CLAS websites to the new templates. She’s really stepped up to learn the necessary skills and take the time to do a great job. Every website she works on improves
Debbie Gutierrez – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (2/7/2017) - Universally loved and appreciated for always helping out and making everyone happy, Debbie is a gem. As the office administrator of the associate dean’s office, she makes the office hum. A consummate professional, with superb organizing and creative skills, Debbie has heart,
Affirmative Action and Equity Compliance (11/28/2016) - As a new employee with questions on how to handle situations under AAEC, I was impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and patience of the staff. My questions were taken seriously and given the right amount of attention and clarification. Makes my job

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