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Tina Zemzemi – School of Music (1/17/2019)- Tina is always cheerful, and she assists with many requests and questions with a smile. She makes people coming to the School of Music feel welcome, and she provides valuable help.
Brian Berchtold – Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost (1/17/2019)- Brian has been a tremendous help with assisting colleges in promoting our students’ success. He provides invaluable training, advice and information, and he always takes time to answer questions. His efforts make a difference in our ability to help our students, and
Regina Jahn – Sponsored Programs Administration (1/17/2019)- Gina has repeatedly gone above and beyond during assistance with the preparation and submission phases for several federal grants. She is consistently kind, courteous, and professional when working under strict deadlines.
Sarah Klaper – Office of the Ombudsperson (1/11/2019)- Sarah goes above and beyond on a daily basis by setting an example of servant leadership in her position as ombudsperson. She is always professional, respectful and insightful when listening to situations and providing guidance. When she says she is neutral and
Renee Comeford – Health Services (1/11/2019)- Renee is responsive and gets things done in a professional and friendly manner! She is always calm and polite and helpful when I have an email query. Thanks, Renee, for your ongoing help for students, staff and faculty.
Police and Public Safety (12/21/2018)- The Department of Police and Public Safety is both friendly and responsive. Whether I’m discussing the weather as I get help crossing a busy intersection or getting assistance getting my keys of our my locked car, the Police and Public Safety team
Colette Maher – College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (12/13/2018)- Colette has been doing a fantastic job as interim director of academic advising in the college. She has also taken on special projects such as the job fair because of staff vacancies. She is a team player and has a great sense
Neptune Dining Staff – Campus Dining Services (12/12/2018)- Neptune stayed open late to host a finals breakfast for students the first night of finals. They collaborated with campus partners to serve as volunteers and did a great job providing a study break for students. To top it off, on Tuesday
Becky Ferrante – NIU Foundation (12/12/2018)- Becky Ferrante is the unsung hero of the NIU Foundation for processing gifts to NIU for over 20 years. She loves what she does and it shows in her interactions with our donors and people across campus. She does a great job
Cheryl Alliston – Administration and Finance (12/11/2018)- Cheryl is always very helpful and friendly. She handles requests for help from many different areas but still makes each person feel important. She takes on added responsibilities and offers assistance with a smile on her face. Her sense of humor always

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