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Barb Lauger – College of Engineering (8/17/2017) - Barb Lauger is the cool head in the Dean’s Office of the College of Engineering. We all know troubles go to the top and she handles upset and frustrated customers with a calm and soothing demeanor. She is a consummate professional.
Diane Manzella – School of Family and Consumer Sciences (8/17/2017) - Diane is always quick to resolve any problem or concern when it arises. She always maintains a positive attitude and is a pleasure to work with! Thanks, Diane, for all your hard work.
John McCrary – Application Services (8/16/2017) - John is the person I contact when I’m having trouble with the software I use to do my work, and he has saved the day for me more than once. He is quick to respond when there is an issue, and he
David Holliday – Grounds (8/11/2017) - David is always a pleasure to work with and so helpful, hard working and dedicated. I can rely on him and his team to support us any way necessary. Thanks for all you do, David; you are awesome!
Gerry Keating – Materials Management (8/11/2017) - Every time I need something moved on campus, Gerry and his crew are always there happy to help. Gerry is always so nice and helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all you do, Gerry!
Kent Clapsaddle – Procurement Services (8/11/2017) - Kent is my go-to person in Procurement Services. Even when I know it is something that is not necessarily assigned to his “area” he is always willing to check into a request for me. I applaud all the buyers in Procurement Services,
Annette Reyes – Procurement Services (8/4/2017) - Annette is always willing to help out by doing additional work due to our short-staffed office. Her positive attitude helps to keep her coworkers upbeat, also.
Cecelia Bolles – Procurement Services (8/4/2017) - Cecelia is always willing to take on more work whenever asked to help out our short-staffed office. She also recently assisted a visiting foreign student who was lost on campus.
Janene Boyer – Campus Child Care (8/4/2017) - Janene has been a constant at Campus Child Care for over 20 years. She is my rock and has helped to support our entire center every day. Janene is resident tech support for all staff. No need to put in a ticket,
Robin Kenney – University Advancement (8/4/2017) - Robin is an outstanding professional and colleague. She is always willing to help out anyone who has any type of financial questions, even if it’s not her area. She is always so patient and kind and an absolute pleasure to work with.

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