UPDATE: Stevens Building construction


West wing, second floor looking east from Players/Corner Theatre

West wing, second floor,
looking east from Players/Corner Theatre

Monday, Sept. 15

According to Dewberry …

  • Work is continuing inside the west wing and existing Scene Shop and outside for the new construction.
  • Interior demolition is 95 percent complete with just a few items remaining.
  • Existing concrete floors in the west wing and Scene Shop are being saw cut for the installation of new plumbing pipes.
  • Footing installation continues for the new north wing and the Lecture Hall.

Monday, Aug. 25

According to Dewberry …

  • Asbestos abatement nearly completed.
  • West wing, second floor demolition 80 percent complete
  • Installation of footings for north wing continues.
  • Excavation for Lecture Hall footings in progress.

Friday, Aug. 15

According to Dewberry …

  • Demolition of lobby concrete floor is almost completed.
  • Site utilities are being removed.
  • Demolished brick has been salvaged for reinstallation.
  • Footings have begun for the north wing.
  • Striping of topsoil and site grading is ongoing.
  • Window removal on the west wing is in progress.
  • Interior demolition of the west wing to begin next week and take two weeks to complete.
  • Footings and foundations will continue for the next month.

Stevens BuildingFriday, Aug. 8

According to Dewberry …

Exciting events are happening on the site and we’re almost finished with building demolition!

  • Demolition of the lobby is complete and the Box Office/Computer Lab are the only remaining items of building to be removed.
  • The footings and foundations of the north wing will be removed by next week.
  • Surveyor was on site laying out the footprint of the new building.
  • The excavating contractor will on site next week grading the site and preparing the footings for installation. (Footings are the lowest part of the foundation wall, typically a few feet wide which help spread the load of the structure to the ground).
  • Site utilities will continue to be demolished and installed.
  • Asbestos abatement of the west wing is complete and we’re just waiting for air sampling clearances which should be available by Monday.
  • West wing windows will be removed next week and then the start of interior demolition will begin.
  • The precast wall panels will not arrive for another 4-6 weeks so most of the work will be interior demolition and foundations.

image009Friday, July 18

According to Dewberry …

  • Demolition continues on the north wing which is about 75 percent complete.
  • The Stevens Annex is completely demolished.
  • Asbestos abatement continues in the west wing should be complete by the end of the month.
  • Misc. electrical and plumbing work continues

Friday, July 11

According to Dewberry

Drastic changes are happening day by day.

  • Stevens Building Annex is 90 percent demolished. The contractor is leaving a few walls in place as a staging area for debris.
  • The one-story portion of the north wing is almost completely demolished.
  • Demolition of two-story portion of the north wing will begin next week and should be completed by next Friday.
  • The lobby roof structural framing bears on the north wall of the O’Connell Theatre so the demolition lobby will probably take a bit longer.
  • The slab on grade (concrete floor) of the north wing will remain in place and the contractor will use this area to separate the debris.
  • Mechanical work continues in the basement of Zulauf Hall. This work involves extending the campus steam and chilled water to the Stevens Building.
  • Asbestos abatement continues in the west wing and will probably take the remainder of July to complete.
  • After the asbestos has been removed in the west wing, interior demolition will begin.
  • After the few weeks of demolition, there will appear to be minimal activity on the site … construction is occurring but it’s not as exciting as demolition. During this phase the slab on grade (concrete floor) will be removed, site preparation will begin (moving soil), footings for the precast walls will begin (underground), and interior work in the west wing will begin.
  • Precast wall panels will probably be installed in September or October, and that’s when the building form will present itself.

Stevens Building constructionMonday, July 7

According to Dewberry

The progress on the site this week will be dramatic as building demolition begins. The Stevens Building Annex demolition should begin today followed by the north wing.

Progress to date:

  • The asbestos abatement has been completed in the north wing and work has begun on the west wing. Asbestos abatement should be completed by the end of July.
  • Light bulbs have been removed from all the light fixtures in the north wing and have been properly disposed of.
  • The sanitary and sewer lines have been capped.

Friday, June 27

According to Dewberry

Work that you can see has actually begun on the site!

Progress update:

  • Over the past weekend the trees were removed.
  • The asbestos abatement in the Stevens Building Annex and north wing have been completed and air sampling has passed inspection.
  • Asbestos abatement in the lobby is completed and air sampling test results should be available today.
  • Window removal in the Annex and north wing has begun and is approximately 60 percent complete.
  • Next week the top soil will be stripped from the site, light fixture and ballast removal will begin in the north wing, and asbestos abatement will begin in the west wing.
  • North wing building demolition will begin the following week.
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