Daily News Scan – August 28


There’s more to Northern Illinois than just Jordan Lynch
(Andrew Logue, USA TODAY, 8/27/13)

Today marks 10 years since NIU’s monumental win over Maryland
(Steve Nitz, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, 8/28/13)

SIU to continue presidential search planning
(The Southern Illinoisan, 8/27/13)

No ifs, ands or butts
(Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune, 8/23/13)

Corn Fest: new weekend, classic location
(Curtis Clegg, The MidWeek, 8/27/13)

Harry Potter flies in for party at DeKalb library
(Dana Herra, DeKalb Daily Chronicle, 8/28/13)

Old Cellphones, Once Bound for Landfills, Now Bring Colleges Money
(Megan O’Neil, Chronicle of Higher Education, 8/27/13)

Editorial: President, states should look to Oregon for creative college funding ideas
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 8/27/13)

SIUE will devote two days to the study of diversity
(Edwardsville Intelligencer, 8/27/13)

A food desert no more: Incentive deal in the works to bring Butera to Elgin’s northwest side
(Mike Danahey, Elgin Courier News, 8/27/13)

America’s Best-Bang-for-the-Buck Colleges
(Robert Kelchen, Washington Monthly, 8/27/13)

College for Free
(Ry Rivard, Inside Higher Ed, 8/28/13)

Long-Term Salary Data Shows How Much A College Degree Is Really Worth
(Max Nisen, Business Insider, 8/27/13)

NIU preparing for rowdy reception at Iowa
(Fred Mitchell, Chicago Tribune, 8/28/13)

Pension Savings Estimate Off By $25 Billion
(Northern Public Radio, 8/27/13)

Residence Halls Get Religion
(Allie Grasgreen, Inside Higher Ed, 8/28/13)

Huskies brace for Kinnick Stadium, pink locker rooms
(Steve Nitz, Huskie Wire, 8/28/13)

Mentoring Can Translate to Success in College and Beyond
(Chris Hassan, U.S. News & World Report, 8/27/13)

Merit Aid Madness
(Stephen Burd, Washington Monthly, 8/27/13)

Washington Monthly Adds ‘Bang-for-Buck’ List to College Rankings
(Caralee Adams, Education Week, 8/28/13)

Sec. Of Education: Graduation Rates ‘Nothing We Can Be Proud Of’
(Michel Martin, NPR, 8/27/13)

FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Huskies well-stocked for another title run
(Evan Meyer, MAC Report Online, 8/27/13)

NIU notes: Daniels won’t play against Iowa
(Steve Nitz, Huskie Wire, 8/28/13)

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